About us

Oranta Equestrian was founded in 2010 and operates within the equestrian business. In 2014 we had our biggest change so far, when we bought the eQ-Kemppi brand and its supplement business. In that process, our name changed to eQ-Oranta. eQ-Oranta is a producer and importer of nutritional supplements for horses. We have both our own eQ-Oranta product series, as well as importing rights to the Swiss top brand Twydil for Scandinavia, the Baltics and Russia.


After a successful test period 2016 with a group of his horses Peter Untersteiner,
The Trainer of the year 2016 in Sweden, is very satisfied and now, from today,

Last weekend the Nordic Baltic Championships in show jumping, dressage and parariding took place in Ypäjä, as well as the Finnish championships in cross country. In the showjumping, our partner rider Marina Ehrnrooth and...


Complementary feed for growing horses particularly recommended between weanin

Supplies the needs and supports the intestinal flora of broodmares and stalli