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eQ pH-Combi, for stressed stomach

Specific Nutritional supplement to mitigate the stress level of horses. Stress of a competiton horse causes among others decreased performance and weakens the general condition of the horse. Symptoms include: diarrhea, poor general condition and weight loss.

eQ pH-Combi
• The initial effect quickly - even in a few hours
• On a curative basis 2 to 4 days or day before the race to calm stress
• Easy to measure
• Low costs

eQ pH Combi effect is based on several reasons
• Quickly balances the gastric and intestinal pH level
• Protects the surface of intestinal tissue, forming a protective film on the surface of the intestine
• Contains effective ingredients that work rapidly and are long-lasting

45% sodium carbonate, magnesium trisilicate 12.9%, vitamin B12, vitamin C.

Water 28.0%, 8.0% propylene glycol, glycerol, 5.6%, 0.5% xanthan gum

Instructions for use
Horses (over 400 kg): 420 grams per day
Small sized horses and foals (weighing less than 150 kg): 240 grams per day.

Continue 2 to 4 days.

Dispense 240 grams of eQ pH-Combi tube daily.

You can give eQ pH-Combi two ways:
1) Directly to the horse mouth.
2) Mixing the pasta with a small amount of palatable horse feed and feeding it controlled. eQ pH-Combi is not bad tasting.

It should be noted that the nutrition intake of a stressing horses’ muscles is inadequate. Also lack of important electrolytes  is caused by diarrhea caused by stress.  Duet his, the recovery from training and competitons slows down. A good absorption of nutrients speeds up recovery performance of muscles is maximal during competitions.

Withdrawal Period
Recommendated by Hippos: Not during a competition day. Please check with your local authorities.

Package and storage
Box with 4 x 430 gr, box with 10 x 80 gr.
Keep in original container in a dry place, at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children. Under appropriate storage conditions the product remains till the best-before-date.

Manufactured for 
eQ-Oranta, Isokyläntie 72, 24260 Salo, Finland,
tel +358 40 751 2934

Import and marketig:
eQ-Oranta, Isokyläntie 72, 24260 Salo, Finland
tel +358 40 751 2934


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